A Great Opportunity to Serve Our Community

Being located in the heart of downtown Athens, we as a church are given great opportunities to help serve our community and make Jesus non-ignorable in our city. One upcoming opportunity we are excited about is our partnership with Downtown Academy for our Christmas offering. Our hope and goal is to raise enough money to grant a scholarship for one student at Downtown Academy, fully fund the music and visual arts program, and provide a Bible curriculum for the school. In doing so, we are providing not only the necessary funds to help run the school and allowing the continuing of their growth both spiritually and academically, but are given the chance to bless a child and their parents with “a Grace that they need but they don’t deserve,” Patrick Ennis, head of school, explains, “and that’s exactly what Christ has done for us.” Here's how we can help.

Music and Visual Arts Program

Through our Christmas offering and partnership with Downtown Academy, we are able to help fulfill the needs that the school currently has, one of those being a new visual arts program. At Downtown Academy, they believe in a “complete and robust education;” however, there’s so much more to be seen and understood about who God is and his character that could be revealed outside of math, science, and social studies.

That is where having a music program available comes in. By providing this new and exciting opportunity to the students, it would help enhance how they view “God’s creation in a different way.” A visual arts program would also open the hearts and minds of these children and allow them to become aware of their hidden talents and passions. There are so many ways to worship the Lord through academics and learning and having this opportunity available to the students at Downtown Academy would do just that.

Bible Curriculum

The mission behind Downtown Academy is “to provide children of inner-city Athens, Ga., an excellent and rigorous Christ-centered education that builds knowledge, character, and purpose,” and by adding in a new bible curriculum these core values would be fulfilled. In addition to helping fund the music and visual arts program, the scholarship will help these children learn all about who Jesus is and what he’s done for them. They will be given the chance to dig into scripture, learn the books of the bible and ask questions and learn who they are in Christ. Having a Bible curriculum available at Downtown Academy is “vital,” as Patrick explains and a huge way that we as a church can help advance God’s Kingdom and lay a foundation that is built strictly upon Christ. 

As a body of believers, we are called to love God and love our neighbors. Our Christmas offering partnership with Downtown Academy will give us the opportunity to do just this, in remembering all that Christ has graciously done for us and share those blessings with those around us. 

You can give here by choosing “Christmas Offering” in the Choose Account drop down menu.

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