Two Things That Everybody Needs

As we follow Jesus together this year, we want to focus on two things that everybody needs.

1. Everybody Needs To Know How To Read

One of the more significant contributors to institutional poverty is the inability to read. It's estimated that 15% of people living in Athens-Clarke County and 10% of people living in Oconee County are unable to read at the most basic of levels. Over the next few months, we will be having conversations with the leadership of elementary schools in the area asking how we can help increase literacy rates in those schools.

2. Everybody Needs A Church

There is nothing more significant to God in this world than His church. What is needed in our day are churches who are theologically clear, culturally engaged and innovative in taking the gospel into particular places. Through our partnerships with the PCA and the Acts 29 Network, we are committed to starting new churches. Over the next year we will be developing a church planting residency which will serve as an incubator for new churches to be started here in the Southeast. 

How Can You Help?

1. Pray

Ask God to make us wise and generous; if we remain open to him, he’ll provide everything that we need to do the work that he has in store for us.

2. Pay Attention

As our work furthers in these two areas, we will need people to help us move from idea to plan to reality. 

3. Be Generous

If you are not already financially investing in Christ Community, will you start now? And if you are already giving, will you increase your monthly giving by 10%? With your help, the additional $2500 we need each month to fund these initiatives becomes $0.


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