How Do We Follow Jesus Together?

If you and I are going to follow Jesus together, then we're going to have to live like we are loved. In Philippians 1:27, the apostle Paul calls us to 'let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ.' In other words, our conduct in everyday life should reflect the good news that we are loved by God - forgiven, adopted and equipped to make it impossible for anyone around us to ignore the real Jesus.


OK, so how do we live like we are loved? We embrace a way of life called BLESS that receives the love of God and gives it away to other people. 

  • B - we begin with prayer as we God to use us to help the people he puts around us to know that God loves them;
  • L - we listen as we have intentional conversations where our questions help us learn more about the person God has put in front of us;
  • E - we eat as we give the gift of unhurried time together as we share a meal or a drink together;
  • S - we serve as we use what we have to meet the real needs of other people;
  • S - we share the story of God through our story and helping someone else see how the good news of the Gospel is woven into their story

Small Habits, Big Changes

For our church, BLESS is a way of life that adopts small habits that bring about big changes in our life and the lives of people inside and outside of our church. This is the way we live in community groups and in our personal lives with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. 

When we BLESS the people God has put around us, we do so because we believe God has loved us and we want other people to know that God loves them. BLESS is how we  make it impossible for the people around us to ignore the real Jesus. BLESS is how we live a life that is 'worthy of the gospel'

This article is based on last Sunday's sermon entitled, How Do We Follow Jesus Together? from our Together series. You can stream the entire sermon below or subscribe to our podcast.

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