Doing a Little Dance

When you were little, ever had a ballet class or a soccer practice that you were hesitant about going to EVERY time that class rolled around? For me that was my ballet class as a little girl. Without fail, every tuesday afternoon at 4:30 when I needed to be sliding on my tights and twisting into my tutu, I was scheming about a speech I could elegantly give to my mom to get me out of going. Thankfully my Mom didn’t give me much choice and most weeks I ended up at the ballet class. And every week I was glad I went. I had fun dancing, had fun with my friends and loved it. I don’t know what it is that causes this sneaky little dilemma but I think we all are familiar with it playing out one way or another. 

My most recent observation of this playing out? Events at church. 

As soon as that announcement is made at church or someone comes and asks me if I am going to attend this years retreat, (or whatever event it may be) I am reeling internally with all sorts of questions and feelings. My train of thought goes something like this…

“Should I go? Am I going to be too tired? Will it be awkward? What if I don’t know anyone? What if I have no one to go with? 

Ugh…it is probably good for me to go. Ya know, I really should go, It will be good for me. I’ll get to meet new people. Oh, but I just have a lot going on". …and on and on and on.

Now maybe no one can relate to that at all, but my guess is that to some degree, we can all resonate with this at least a little bit. 

Prior to last years women's “if gathering” I had these same thoughts. This same internal battle. I had been coming to Christ community for a while. I knew I should get more involved. I felt that internal tug that I should go, but wrestled back and forth. Thanks to my community group leaders persistence, at the last minute I decided to come to the retreat. 

I can honestly say going to the retreat was a turning point for me in terms of my friendships at Christ Community and my relationship with the church. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to attend that retreat. God used it to shift me from my noncommittal dance of being involved in Christ Community to a readiness of spirit and heart to commit. He created and furthered friendships in the church and it was the turning point for my involvement. Its not like I became best friends with 40 other women in a 24 hour period, but I made enough connections for my heart to feel more at home with Christ Community. I think the combination of being involved in a community group and then going on this retreat was the ‘perfect storm’ to allow me to really feel plugged in. And it didn’t stop there. My friendships continued to deepen, gaining roommates this year and now even being part of the women's ministry team for Christ Community. A year later, what was a last minute decision to go to a retreat has turned into deeper friendships in the church where it actually feels like a family. So if you are undecided, take the plunge and sign are the details!

February 20-21st. It will be an IN-TOWN retreat. 

How do you sign Up? Click Here (OR sign up at the table THIS Sunday!)

When? February 20-21

Where? Oconee Heights Baptist Church

Times? Friday, February 20th, 3:30 p.m. - 9:45 p.m. AND Saturday, February 21st, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.    

 **If you work or have school on Friday and cannot make it to the early session THAT IS OKAY! We still want you to join us whenever you can!

Blog post was written by St. Clair Drennen

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