3 Reasons You Should Come Back For Legacy Sunday

April 19 is Christ Community’s Legacy Sunday where we invite current members, parents of students, and former members of Christ Community for a day of worshiping Jesus and catching up with old friends. Mark your calendars, RSVP here, invite your friends and family, and prepare to come together for Gathering that morning and a lunch afterwards. It will be a wonderful time of worship and community that offers us three very real blessings.


Having the time and space set aside for past members and parents of current members offers the unique benefit of being able to connect, or re-connect, with people who have helped each of us daily follow Jesus. Legacy Sunday offers parents a time to connect with those who are caring for and loving their children in a time when they no longer see their kids every day. It is also a perfect opportunity for re-connecting with old friends who have gone on to other cities continuing the work Christ Community built a foundation for. 


Legacy Sunday is bound to bring tremendous joy and celebration over where people are currently in their walks with God and the ways in which we are each sharing the love of Christ no matter the city we are in.  As people from various states and cities return to Athens, we each bring different stories of how God has been working through us to further His kingdom.  As individuals, we can celebrate the good work God is accomplishing in others around us.  As a church, we can celebrate the footprint Christ Community has made as members have been sent from Athens to continue living the truths learned here.


Such a time of celebration within the family of Christ Community will encourage each of us to continue to share the love of Jesus wherever we are. It will be a time to focus on God’s love for us and others around us, and we will have the opportunity to lift each other up in prayer and worship. Our presence at Legacy Sunday will offer encouragement to the members and staff of Christ Community and will be a way to thank them for all of the prayer and support they have given each of us during our time under their leadership and guidance.

 For those of us still in Athens, don’t miss out on the chance to connect with, celebrate, and encourage those who have gone before us to build Christ Community into what we experience now. For those not in Athens, don’t miss the chance to come back and celebrate with the current members who have continued on the legacy you have left. Legacy Sunday will be a time of joy and worship with all those whose lives have been changed by the continual love of God that is shown through Christ Community Church. 

If you haven't told us you whether or not you are joining us, help us out and respond here!

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