Three ways to fully engage with Easter

I think each year Easter kind of creeps up on everyone. Some of us do Lent readings or Easter countdowns, but for the most part the only reason we notice the coming of Easter is because of all the candy in the stores and our pastor talks about a ‘big’ Sunday approaching. I want to help us prepare in a very practical way. 


1) Embrace the Bunnies. 

We often feel like the best way to combat culture is to completely reject it.  I want to encourage you that not all things that aren’t overtly Christian are bad. Giving your kids baskets, sharing candy, and hiding eggs for kids to find probably hurts our dental and physical health more than our spiritual health. If you don’t have kids, give an Easter experience to someone that might not have it. A lot of us will be getting together on April 4th for an Easter Party, come and join us: CLICK HERE


2) Attend our Good Friday gathering.

Good Friday is the day we remember the death of Jesus on the cross. My hope is that when you walk out of the door of our gathering, you will know the drastic lengths that God’s love for us will reach in order to convince us that he loves us. Come and engage with us as we direct our eyes toward God’s enormous sacrifice for us. 


3) See the death and resurrection of Jesus as our great story. 

A commonality among all of us is that we are all searching to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Sports teams, Greek organizations, mission trips and the list goes on. What I want you to hear is that the death and resurrection of Jesus makes you and me a part of something bigger than ourselves. The God that spoke the breath into Adam and Eve calls us sons and daughters. The God that was a wall of protection in the desert for the Israelites is our eternal protection. The God that used a boy to slay a giant also uses us to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. The death and resurrection of Jesus puts you and me in a new place. A place of family, not strangers. A place of friends, not enemies. A place of hope, not despair. 


Come April 3rd from 6-7 pm and celebrate Good Friday. 

Bring people April 5th to engage in the excitement of the resurrection of Jesus. 

PS. We're going to celebrate our church family 2 weeks after Easter, April 19th, for Legacy Sunday. Help us get a food headcount and RSVP here to our BBQ lunch at Terrapin Brewery.  

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