Legacy Sunday --Why Terrapin?

What is Legacy Sunday?

April 19th is an exciting day for our church. Legacy Sunday is a time for everyone to celebrate who we are, where we have been and where we are going. It's a time to gather with past and current members to worship together and to see where God has taken those who have been a part of Christ Community over the years. It's a time to celebrate the work of our Lord!

Families, why Terrapin?

After the gathering we are going to gather together for BBQ lunch and fellowship at Terrapin Brewery in order to spend time with friends, old and new. As the Director of Family Ministries, I am very excited about this opportunity for our families! Every parent knows how hard it can be to entertain kids in a restaurant which is what makes this an awesome environment for families. Terrapin has a large field which will allow our children to run and play. The field is mostly fenced in, blocking off access to the road and there are indoor bathrooms. We will also have balls and some bubbles for kids to play with. The field is a great place for a picnic blanket so even our littlest ones can have some fun enjoying each other and the outdoors. Please come and join us for this time and make even more memories together! 


As we prepare for the quickly approaching Legacy Sunday, remember to invite old friends back for the celebration.  Students, encourage your parents to come along and see who is investing in you!  Lastly, if you will be joining us for our BBQ lunch at Terrapin afterward, please take a moment and RSVP here.  


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