Swallowed Up By Life! An Epitaph From Ed Hague.

4/12/1957 – 8/18/2015

Last Tuesday, the founding pastor of Christ Community, Ed Hague, died following a long and courageous battle with cancer. It was a heartbreaking journey to watch from a distance. And yet anyone who came into contact with Ed found themselves believing they could actually be themselves and believed that God loved them.
The day after his death, one final blog was posted. An epitaph of sorts. A final statement from Ed about his life, and more importantly, about his God.
So I asked to have this post put up on our blog because we want to use this platform to tell both the story of our church and the story of our God. Whether you have been part of our church for years or for days - or maybe you aren’t even part of our church - I hope you will be encouraged through Ed’s words.


Ed Hague was born April 12, 1957 in an ice storm in Indianapolis, Indiana. He spent the rest of his life thawing out. As a young boy, he learned to hide his heart in a family that was abusive, unsafe and, frankly, pretty crazy (his sisters are absolutely amazing, however). His grandfather, Jack, helped him through some of the roughest years, though, gently pushing him on towards manhood.

In seeking to assist in this project, Jack tried to take Ed out one night to see (God forbid) “Bikini Beach” starring Annette Funicello. Sensing trouble, Ed’s grandmother, Helen, stopped the two of them at the door, forbade the outing, and gave Ed a Bible to read instead.

The Bible reading must have stuck as Ed ended up spending over 30 years in the ministry, but he never truly got over Annette, and he never forgave his grandmother for the emasculation. As for the missed movie, he soon figured things out, though, going on to have four beautiful and intelligent daughters.

These daughters came through his marriage to Betsy Snapp when he was 17 years old. Ok, he was 22 when they married, but for those preceding 5 years he really wished he was married to her. To the countless men who wished they could have been married to her, Ed says, “You lost. I won. Deal with it.”

The church and Ed had a troubled, love-hate relationship. He put in many years of service in different congregations, but like an ill-fitting suit, it never seemed a good match for him. He met a lot of great people, though, who helped him heal and thaw out some. He is incredibly grateful to all of them.

At the end of his life, Ed fulfilled a lifelong goal. He left the pastorate and started his own business. His son-in-law, Drew, who is doing a much better job of it than Ed ever did, now runs it. It’s called FloridaPro Computing and is located at Midtown in Tallahassee, FL. They service and support all brands of computers and love caring for their clients. They are also the only Apple Authorized Service Providers in Tallahassee.

Here’s the most important thing to know about Ed, though. God loved him and made sure that Ed knew it. Hiding from love all of his life, after his cancer diagnosis, God turned the love firehoses on him.

It was as if He wasn’t going to let him die until every dried up and hardened part of Ed’s heart was showered and soaked in His love. He used an army of people to do this. Ed is certain they are all angels in disguise.

Ed being loved by God? He has no explanation for it other than grace. It was grace that put God’s Son on the cross for Ed’s sins (of which there were many – see the attached list) and then forgave him of those sins – the greatest being his damned self-righteousness.

God then, through Christ, gave Ed another undeserved gift. He took off Ed’s tattered cloak of self-righteousness and gave him the perfect robe of Christ’s righteousness. If you were wondering, that’s how Ed entered the presence of God without being stopped at the door.

Ed, amazingly, is now who he was meant to be when God created him. He’s not hiding, he’s not afraid, and he’s even gotten things worked out with his grandmother. He is now fully and completely Ed. If this scares you, he wants you to know he understands, but that you should get over it.

Joyfully exploring heaven, where all is as it should be, Ed is fiercely happy these days. But more importantly, Ed himself has been restored to his original glory. Jesus proved Himself faithful to be both the Author and Finisher of his faith. The good work He began in Ed has now been made perfect and complete.

Death has lost and, thanks to all of you, love has won in Ed’s heart – forever.

Surviving him are Betsy Hague (stunning spouse), Mary Catherine Register, Andrea Dawson Hague, Karen Margaret Shackelford, and Martha Brower Hague (daughters). Ed also has two sons-in-law, Drew Buol Register and Zachary Allen Shackelford. His grandchildren are Lina Nowlyn Register, Cora Benton Register, and Aria Mae Register.

In lieu of flowers, Ed would like for you to give lots of money to:

Ransom Fellowship
5245 132nd Ct
Savage, MN 55378

 If you would like to give online, you may do so here:


Your gifts are tax-deductible. NOTE: do NOT get confused and send flowers to Ransom Fellowship. Send money. Ed believes a gift to Ransom is a gift that will advance God’s kingdom in this world and turn back a corner of the darkness. In memory of him, please support them generously.

More information about Ransom Fellowship can be found here


A memorial service will be held on Saturday, September 12, 2015, at 1:00pm at:

Bradfordville Baptist Church,
6494 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL  32312

During the service, “Ed stories” will be told. If you embellish them, though, Ed wants you to know he will ask God to erase your name from the Book of Life.

The gravesite service will be private – please, no paparazzi or drones.

To each of you who have followed Ed’s journey through this blog, he would like to remind you a final time of the message of his life.

In Christ:

“Our bad things turn out for good.
Our good things can never be lost.
And the best things are yet to come”
– Jonathan Edwards

As some of you know, Ed loved the following benediction from Jude 1:24-25. It is a fitting way to conclude this blog and his life:

Now to Him who was able to keep Ed from stumbling,
and to make him stand in the presence of God’s glory blameless with great joy,
to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord,
be glory, majesty, dominion and authority,
before all time and now and forever.
And all the people said:


You can find more from Ed's blog here

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