In the Beauty & the Broken

Despite the fact that it is still as hot as the sun outside, Fall is actually coming. Our summer here in Athens is coming to a close. Students will begin trickling (okay, flooding) back onto campus and the relative quiet of the summer months will be shattered by game days and Dawg fans and more than one drunken reveler.


For some, this transition into Fall is already in full swing. Children have returned to school, work may have picked up, vacations are over, and we all find ourselves revving up once more for a busier season of life. The respite of summer has ended and the grind of Fall looms overhead.


Fall doesn’t take any of us by surprise. It comes around each and every year. It’s a rhythm that we have grown accustomed to, yet some seasons are harder than others - because they are filled with transition. This summer has been a season of transition for many at Christ Community. Many of our members have left Athens, as they embark on new journeys after graduation. We’ve watched as these same members navigate post-college adulthood: finding their first jobs, getting married, moving far away from friends and family. Others in our church are struggling with the illness of a family member or friend. We have had the pleasure of seeing babies born and children starting school. Many of us (like a good half of my community group) have moved from one home to another - losing familiar spaces or roommates - or even leaving the state of Georgia all together.


Transitions are good, but transitions are hard.


I Peter 2:9-10 speaks of transition.


“Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.”


Arguably, this is the biggest transition in most believers lives: being brought into the fold of God. No longer being lost, but being found. There are a thousand cliche ways to describe it, all of them falling utterly short of fully illustrating how in one moment, all believers have found themselves walking forever into the loving arms of an all powerful and limitless God to be accepted as a son or daughter.


It puts all other transitions into perspective. Or it should.


Leaving your family and friends? {Mark 10:29}


Getting Married? {Isaiah 54:5}


Facing illness and death? {Col. 3:3}


This is not to say that these transitions here on earth are not significant, but to encourage us all that we have already faced many of them when we accepted Christ.  


I Peter 2:9-10 also speaks to HOW we are to live in these transitions.


“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”


Last Sunday Matt rephrased this idea to us when he said, “You were created to tell the story of God through both your life and your words. Every single person in this room was created to tell the story of God through the beauty and the brokenness of their work.”


So, how do WE tell the story of God in our lives? In the beauty and the brokenness? In the transitions? In our work?


As we begin this new sermon series focused on God’s desire for our work and our everyday life, let’s first set the stage by recounting how God has been faithful to us during this past season FULL of transition.


So, share with us.


We want to know. We need to know. This is one little way that we can declare His goodness. Use the comment section below and tell us how God has met you this summer - in both the beauty and the broken.  



~~If you are not comfortable with internet comments, still share:  in community groups, at church, or among friends.~~

Author: Lydia Wells

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