Celebrating Christmas Together as a Family

We want our church to be a community of people who make the real Jesus impossible to ignore in the city of Athens and beyond. 

As good it sounds, that sentence can easily be filed under “easier said than done”. It seems the world we live is growing increasingly deaf to the voice of God and the work of being salt and light (Matt. 5:13-15) isn’t getting any easier. That being said our mission hasn’t changed. God has called his church to the work of disciple making no matter how tough or slow that work may be. 

Some seasons and rhythms of life provide opportunities that need to be taken advantage of. Christmas is one of them. For the non-christian this time of year may just be synonymous with awkward family gatherings, consumerism, and traffic. But for the believer in Jesus it is much more. 

It is a season of expectation and a season of remembering. We remember who our God is and we remember all that he has done for us. We are reminded that our God is a God who keeps his promises. But Christmas isn't just for looking back. It is also a time to look forward in hope that God has made another promise that he will surely keep. Christmas is a time to remember that the Christ has come. And it is a time to look forward with anticipation and hope that he has promised that he will come again.

This is the Jesus we want people to see. The real Jesus. The one who didn’t come with more rules for us to follow as God’s ultimate “you better watch out” but who came to put on display the kindness, mercy, and generosity of God toward his people. The work of the church this time of year is to make this as plain as possible. To leverage whatever inclination the people around us have to this message of remembering and anticipating. To point them to the message of Christmas. A message that says they have something to merry about. A merriment that will last long past any present opened on Christmas morning.

One of the ways we want to do that as a church this Christmas is by partnering with Downtown Academy. DtA is an organization that exists to create an environment to help students achieve success in every area of their lives. They exist to bring hope to families who need it most. This is an organization in our community that we are heavily invested in as a church. Four of the ten staff members at Downtown Academy are members at Christ Community. We also have several church members who volunteer significant time each week with students at Downtown Academy. This video describes our involvement at more detail.

We want to make the real Jesus impossible to ignore this Christmas and we see an opportunity at Downtown Academy that we don’t want to miss. We want to raise $10,000 before our Christmas Celebration at 6pm on Dec. 11 so we can scholarship two students to Downtown Academy. We need your help to do it. Please consider joining us in this work by investing in these families. If you would like to give now you can click the button below and designate your gift as “Christmas Offering”. 

Not sure what to give? Consider giving what you would on a normal month.

Also, come celebrate with us (at 890 Boulevard) what God has done and all that he has promised he will do!

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