New Sermon Series - Infinitely More: Experiencing the Holy Spirit

On Sunday, February 5 we will begin part II of our Infinitely More teaching series. For the next four weeks our hope is to spend time specifically considering the Holy Spirit in hope that God might lead us deeper into living spiritually powerful lives. 

Most of us want to have a rich and vibrant relationship with God and we want to be ever growing in that relationship. However, much of the time it feels like we get stuck and God is distant or absent altogether. No matter what we pray, how much we read the bible, or how many worship gatherings we attend it feels like nothing makes a difference.

In Ephesians 3, the Apostle Paul prays to God asking him to do infinitely more than we could ask or imagine. We believe that God can and wants to do this work in our lives individually and corporately. 

The bible teaches that, for the Christian, God is present with us but he is also alive in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Join this Sunday and for the next 4 weeks to ask God to do infinitely more in our hearts, in our church, and in our city. Invite a friend or a neighbor who needs to hear that God hasn't and will never abandon them.

What questions do you have regarding the work of the Holy Spirit that you would like us to answer in this series?

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