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Using The Whole Bible

From Christopher Wright's The Mission of God's People:

Mission has to do with the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world, [which] means using the whole Bible. It simply will not do to quote a verse or two from favorite 'missionary' bits of the Bible and call that a 'biblical theology of mission.'

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Spiritual Warfare Is All About The Gospel

From Tim Chester on Ephesians 6:

Spiritual warfare is not about naming territorial spirits, claiming the ground or binding demons. It is all about the gospel. It is to live a gospel life, to preserve gospel unity and to proclaim gospel truth. It is to do this in the face of a hostile world, a deceptive enemy and our own sinful natures. And it is to pray to a sovereign God for gospel opportunities. Advance comes through godliness, unity, proclamation and prayer.

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Missional Praying

Our tendency is to compartmentalize the various tasks entrusted by God to the church as a whole, and to label some of them as 'mission' and give other names to other things, and then to assign special prayer to one or the other. But this does not reflect New Testament realities:

We have tended to think of mission as a discrete project (or as discrete projects), often of a cross-cultural kind, with the result that special prayer for this isolable function is called for. But apart from the special calling on his own life as an apostle (indeed as the apostle to the Gentiles), Paul sees mission in holistic, even cosmic terms. The glory of God, the reign of Christ, the declaration of the mystery of the gospel, the conversion of men and women, the growth and edification of the church, the defeat of cosmic powers, the pursuit of holiness, the passion for godly fellowship and unity in the church, the unification of Jews and Gentiles, doing good to all, but especially to fellow believers - these are all woven together into a seamless garment. All the elements are held together by a vision in which God is at the center and Jesus Christ effects the changes for his glory and his people's good. This means that thanksgiving and intercessory prayer, though sweeping in the range of topics touches, are held together by a unified, God-centered, vision. (D.A. Carson)

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