About The Other Night...A Word From Lewis

I think we all find it difficult to pray.

And when we pray we never seem to get beyond the “ critical list” to our neighbors and our city.

This summer we are emphasizing just this area using B.L.E.S.S. as our guide. Last Sunday night we got together to pray and it was so encouraging to see the number of people who are genuinely caring for the city and the people around them.

We had about 50 people show up to pray at the Woods' house.  That's a big number, ya'll. Especially for summertime, when folks are out of town. Let's celebrate what God is doing among us!

God is reviving an outward vision in our church toward the community.  

This is what the first members of our church had in mind when they planted it over 20 years ago, and the thing about God is...when He gives someone an idea, He doesn't change His mind. This church was planted in this city to love the city, and He is still using us to do that. 

But we're not done yet...

We want to see community groups balance caring for its members and working together to reach out into the city. It's not an "either" "or". It's a "yes" and "yes". This is who we are. This is who we were created to be. Sons and daughters living a lifestyle of Loving God and Loving Neighbor.

Be on the lookout for people to love. Take time to ask good questions and listen to their story. Invite them to share meals with you. Consider how our conversations would change if non church-folks were around. Listen for opportunities to serve them. And tell them your story (which is a tiny reflection of the Gospel) when they ask what you are about. 

Please share your stories

Even the small ones, with each other and the church. You can even post some in the comment section below. We need to hear more stories of what God is up to around here. 

And please continue to pray. 

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Introducing Director of Family Ministries: Kimberly Snyder

Introducing Director of Family Ministries: Kimberly Snyder

In the five years that I have been attending Christ Community Church, I have seen many changes and growth in regards to our family ministries. I grew up in a church with a very strong and active children and youth program. The ministries offered by my church helped me learn about Jesus, how to follow Him and made a lasting impact on my life. After serving five years with the children at that church and two summers with the Children’s Director at a different church, I have seen first hand how important a strong family ministries team is and how God can use it to change the lives of both those involved in the church and those who are impacted by the church. 

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