aaron slaten

Our 2010-2011 Teaching Team

I’m excited to announce that the following men have agreed to be part of our teaching team:- Frank Beedle - John Evans - David Hunt - John Norris - Aaron Slaten

These men were picked because they have an ability – and the desire – to help us become a family that follows Jesus by opening the Scriptures and pressing its teachings into our hearts, minds, and lives. I believe these men have been set apart by the Holy Spirit for this particular task.

We’re finalizing the August 2010-July 2011 teaching schedule. The idea is for me to preach around 40 weeks a year and to have these men up front the other 10-12 weeks out of the year.

I look forward to working with them and ask you and your family to pray for these brothers. We’ll let you know when they’re going to be preaching and find ways for you to get to know them better.

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