Five Dreams For The Men Of Christ Church

This is my dream for the men of Christ Church this year - may God grant us: The focus to dream of a world bigger than us.

The perseverance to finish the kingdom project God intends for us to build out.

The curiosity to seek new solutions to insolvable problems.

The guts to both throw and take proverbial punches in order to protect each other.

The passion to follow Jesus wherever he leads - particularly towards hard people and hard places.

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Time for Men To Grow Up

Towards the end of today's message, I'm going to take some time to talk to our men about the culture of spiritual adolescence that pervades life in the American South. We have the opportunity to see our families and city transformed by grace - and the Scriptures call men to take the lead in working towards that end. I'd love for you to join me in asking God to give the men in our church everything they need to live and lead this way Here are the questions we created for groups to walk through and talk about - based on the sermon but not entirely dependent upon the sermon. If you're not in a group, feel free to use these but I can't stress enough how critical it is for you to plug into the life of a group of people. For more information about our community groups, contact us at

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A Prayer For Dads and Their Boys

This is a prayer from Darrin Patrick's book, Church Planter, that I just started praying this week with my boys, Jonathan and Will.

God, make me a man with thick skin and a soft heart. Make me a man who is tough and tender. Make me tough so I can handle life. Make me tender so I can love people. God, make me a man.

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