Our discipleship plan is a simple, accessible and sustainable framework designed to help us thrive.

We believe discipleship is three-fold, with each area of discipleship affecting our lives individually and corporately as a body of believers. See the illustration below and read examples of how discipleship practically shows up in our everyday lives.

  • UP = personal relationship with Jesus

  • IN = relationships with others in our church

  • OUT = serving people in outside our church

UP: Our life with God

1 John 4:19 says, “we love because He first loved us.”

We prioritize a relationship with God.  Through Jesus, we are fully known and fully loved.

Practical ways to experience UP discipleship:

Individually: Read the Bible and respond with prayer. Find our Bible reading plan, here.

Corporate: Gather weekly for worship and respond to God with repentance and faith.

Find information about our Sunday Gathering, here.

IN: Our life with other Christians

Life with Jesus is not meant to be lived in isolation. The Bible encourages us to gather together often, share burdens, and live as a family.

Practical ways to experience IN discipleship:

Individually:  BLESS those God puts in our lives.

Begin with prayer


Eat together


Share God’s story

Corporately: Meet with community groups and men’s and women’s groups.

Learn more about our community group leaders and how you can join, here.

OUT: Our life with the world around us

Our hope as Christians is to make Jesus impossible to ignore and leave the world better than when we found it.

Practical ways to participate in OUT discipleship:

Individually:  Minister where God has placed you (specifically in your work).

Corporately: Step into and serve our neighborhood, our city, and our world together

Learn about the ministries and organizations our church supports regularly as well as some specific ways you can support these ministries with your time, here.